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Welcome to Chalet Restaurant & Bakery!

Our batters are made from scratch and all are carefully prepared and blended by hand, using only the finest ingredients. We make homemade jams, compotes and syrups to further enhance our delicious pancakes and waffles.

Pot roasts with carrots and onion and fresh Tom turkeys are roasted daily. We use only fresh potatoes for our mashed, baked or hashbrowns, never frozen or dehydrated. Homemade soups, gravies and sauces are prepared fresh daily. Nothing can replace the fresh product for food value or taste. We feature seasonally fresh wild Pacific fish and Oregon oysters. We serve the finest Willamette Valley fruits and vegetables available.

Welcome to Chalet Restaurant & Bakery!

Gluten Free Available

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A few of our delicious items...

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**Golden Ager Club 65 years or older... Start your Senior Program today.

FREE slice of pie to celebrate YOUR BIRTHDAY

(With $3.00 minimum purchase)

House-made jams, syrups, and other delights!

Awesome Breakfasts

Sensational Soups and Sandwiches